Work and Play

Trying to get some stuff done on Friday with a little, busy, curious, monkey boy who's 3. Who happens to only want to consume peanut butter and cheesy crackers, though not at the same time. Who's new thing is to throw the peanut butter jar accross the kitchen, it doesn't break, like everything else he trys to throw, so he thinks its cool. I suspect. Who's idea of potty training means needing to take every piece of clothing off, even socks. Even though you don't actually stay on the potty long enough to count, we need to celebrate with m&m candies. Only the green ones. Only after you put them in a neat row. When you finally decide its okay to put all your clothes back on we try to watch a favorite dvd. Yelling very loudly "We Need Curious George!!" doesn't help mommy find the dvd faster. And just incase you missed the good parts, we need to loop it all afternoon while you play with legos, not really paying any mind to the dvd, just want it on. Just because you saw Curious George sliding on a toy car doesn't mean you have to try it too, does it?

So I didn't get much done with a gift album I'm working on, but I took pictures while not getting much done. With little guy's assistance. Pity we often wish the terrible two's and three's etc would hurry.....but its days like this, memories like this that I know will someday be such a treasure. So I have to write it down.

He's so darn cute and loveable.
A zippy, zingy, curious, accident prone, naughty, little loveable monkey.

{Yep, that's a toy car under his foot}


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