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how about this one? [green]

Go figure, too many color choices but not one that is the right shade of vintage-sage-green that I was looking for.

And gosh darn it, I still wish I could figure out how to put a banner on my blog.
There is a tutorial in blogger's "help-me" section now, unfortunately I still don't get it even though I'm sure its in plain English -- but its techie plain English. So I still don't quite get it.


Where Does Time Go?

My page for the One Little Word Challenge #1 === "GO"
over here

How fun to stumble onto their very cool website earlier this week....it was just the right boost I needed! This was a fun one because I have been wanting to do a then vs now layout on my two older kids. Born just 10.5 months apart {yup, it can so happen} they have always been each others closest companions and worst enemies {though not for very long}.

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What makes you feel connected?

I was looking at the Lake Ontario Photos I posted a few days ago {I know they are not my most brilliant, and the "from the car shots" well, what can I say, I was feeling goofy!} So I was thinking -- gee that clear horizon is something really inspiring to look at.

In a way that makes you stop and think : Look at that awesomeness God created, look at your surroundings and the big wide world, we are all connected in all kinds of ways. That kind of thinking.

Then I thought : Hey, Toronto is right over that horizon! Just keep looking, closer, closer, see it? Just kidding, you can't from those photos. But I do. So I want to give a big wave and hugs to my cousins over there.....hi guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Miss you.

Being around nature helps me think and provides the quietness I need to do so.


Lake Ontario Shoreline

Our weekend included two parties on or near the shores of Lake Ontario . I stopped on the shoreline on the way to a party to snap a few of the lake. I love the blues/sandy beige combo. Taking pictures out the car window for the sunset picture. These pictures happened to be from Durand Eastman Park, late afternoon/evening on Saturday.


Rain+Rochester=Fab Lilacs

These are from the backyard...The Annual Rochester Lilac Festival is going on this week thru Sunday the 20th so I'd love to try making it there. Those are a sight to behold. And the Scent! ahhhhh so sweet.


card for friend

My digital rendition for "We've Moved" {could also be named "neighbors"}

Inspired/Scrap lifted from the new ads for the most beautiful papers from Basic Grey.

These are digital papers from scrapartist.com and/or designerdigitals.com. Cropped and pieced together in my software to get a collage look.
I heart basic grey :)
I needed just the right handmade goodness to add to a tag and card for the friend that is moving -- you know I can't just go to a store and buy an embellishment, I have to fiddle around until I make it myself.
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spring photo collage

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early AM dew & frost

so this morning before all were awake I took the camera outside to catch the early morning frost footage....not that this is special 'round here, we can get frost straight through May...it just looked so picture perfect before the icey crystals melted away.
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"offical PTA stuff"

...luncheon raffle ticket-holders for our children's school --- they told me low budget -- but I still think they needed to look fun!
...just a little more tweaking...decided to go with a school theme -- cause I found this cool graph paper.
...used digital paper & doodles from designerdigitals.com and talented digital designer angie briggs. Made round stamp from shapes in my software.
....Alamain and SA Inkspot fonts
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working on this......

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Watercolor thank you

Still enjoying the watercolor for card makers class. Since I wasn't able to follow along each day I'm still busy practicing some of...