re-do, part II

Let's try the video again.....learning curve.....of course there were more steps than just the simple "post this" button from picasa. Who knew making a movie of an ocarina song could lead to such giggles. He was cracking up, I was cracking up listening to him crack up. Very funny stuff only a parent could love.

I love this kid.

To think 10 years ago we held him so carefully, we thought he was so fragile. First time parents. Overwhelmed by the surroundings of the NICU. So grateful when we were able to take him home with us (about 3 weeks after he was born). We wanted everything to be just so --- so perfect.
And it is.
And I must be thinking this because days like today and days like the ocarina day recording remind me how lucky we are. Even though its definitely not perfect all the time.
And that's okay.

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