a fun friday

today's choice of colors.

hope I can get some cards done today.
this combination of colors was grouped together by
my little artsy daughter.

She makes me so proud - in that proud artsy momma kind of way. She painted the lizard picture for her big brother's birthday -- he loves lizards. I just that was so cool and cute. They fight over everything else, but pokemon and lizards keep them happy. Go figure. She even wrote a little notecard that goes along with the painting. Little 1st grade girly notes from a little sister to a big brother. I'm keeping that one for the scrapbook.

[green lizard climbing a tree, by squeaky, age 7]


Being Mommy

Tyring to catch up today -- neglected blogs, neglected reading and all...cards to make, birthday presents to get. The top one is for a friend expecting her second. That's my hand and little guy's hand together. Love that photo so much. Use it here and there for some photo cards I make.

But there has been too much going on.....just the normal flurrey of a family of five though, nothing out of the ordinary -- its the everyday stuff. And even though as I type this I know there is a small window of time to finish before someone comes to bump me off (the computer) I begin an entry anyway. Right after I refill the little one's bowl with fishy crackers. There. Now I'm good for a least 5 min. Its the constant interruptions, on some days, that make me not log in at all. I just never finish what I start on days like that, and that is so very frustrating to me so avoidance sets in. Stop. Refill milk. "Mommy, moe fishee cacker." Then just when I think I'm gonna loose it...he follows the demands ever so cutely with .........."Puweese" and "Tank You" "You're welcome sweetie" I say. My frazzled mommy heart all but melting away the "losing it" part.

Spring time brings the usual school/scouts/afternoon activities/outdoor fun for everyone. In particular our school's PTA starts gearing up for end of year staff/appreciation luncheon and I totally like to be involved in that since there is always some kind of papercrafting involved. I'm on label duty again for the third year. I have so much fun thinking up a new label design every year. When choosing the volunteering opportunities this year I choose the Art Show/Sale, next week. I was elated when the art teacher called today to put me in a spot for the night. Seeing the kids faces light up when they see their art work up is a beautiful thing. Can't wait. And finally we are trying really hard this week for "TV Turn off week" that's right - week --- not just one night. It is actually going well. The warm weather is cooperating and they can go outside to play. Last night there were activites at at the school -- games they could play that don't involve TV/video games. As the principal called it "games your mom and dad used to play" Yep, we had to. Only three channels, no video games. I do not like to give cable and video games a bad rap though. I think we just need to teach our kids balance in a world with so many choices at their disposal.

So today I surfed a little UTube (interesting stuff)

got a little mommy blogging time

babysat another 3 year old that plays with little guy so well

expecting three more home from school in about 20 minutes.

deep mommy breath.

add more fishy crackers to the grocery list.

then snack time starts again for the school agers.

okay -- so I won't get back to the computer until everyone is in bed.

bedtime is a good thing.

spring time is a beautiful thing!

:) bye

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