Spring-ish Thursday

It seems odd that I have been away from the blog for such a long time. I mean, I have thought about blogging often. Topics come very easily in the routine of everyday life. Between packing book bags and lunches. Washing the dishes. Outside playing with the kids, bonding during play-dates with other moms (this makes me wonder - are the play-dates really for the kids or the moms? both!) Folding the laundry. Driving to work, etc.

It seems that I have written entire posts (in my head - talk about a distracted driver) during car trips from here to there and back to here. Still, not enough time in the day to actually get the everyday thoughts into the "everyday" blog. It feels like failure sometimes. But I am being too hard on myself. I find that I have actually shifted back and forth through the years between my beloved paper journals and this new found technology. I'm currently really into my light brown leather bound lined journal - but I can feel the itch to check on what's new around blogville.

The springtime sunshine and longer daylight hours really do put me in a better mood. And I haven't been in much of a mood for writing lately -- just alot of thinking. And what brought me here today was the discovery of one of my first journals. Tucked away in a box of my old books in the basement. A journal entry from waaaay back in those college days, dated Thursday, March 18, 1987, caught my attention. A Spring-ish Thursday much like today. Twenty-three years ago I could not have imagined what life would be like in 2010.

Yet here we are. Here I am. There were dates missing that I wondered to myself "why didn't I record what I was feeling that day?"

I loved going back through the old entries and seeing the progression of thoughts and events I deemed worthy to reflect on. So, it was a good reminder to come back to what I really enjoy. Maybe not always in blogger but finding a way and some time to record those reflections somehow, somewhere.

Last summer while blog surfing I came across a bookmark-worthy blog with some simple tips and writing prompts. The author shares so many wonderfully simple ways on how to get "the beauty of everyday moments around us" recorded quickly, simply. Try visiting her journal inspiring blogs here and here.

Just wanted to share that today. Is it too late for resolutions? kidding. I hate those. But as a goal for the year I plan on simplifying the recording of memories and reflections.

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