Getting outdoors again

A picture from yesterday afternoon..our lilac tree...just a beautiful sky..had to get it in the picture. Looking up with the camera instead of straight at the buds. Came out pretty. And now I really wish spring would hurry.


My Workspace

trying to practice with digital photo pages.

Since I always upload photos, sometimes edited and sometimes not. I wanted to try one of my digital scrapbook pages.

A little bit about where I create. Where I get to play with all sorts of cool layout ideas. Today it has taken up a lot of my time. But I had to try. Its like a brand new toy.

So I think this turned out good. I never tried this before. I'm not a techie so I get all the file sizes wrong....but now I know about DPi and pixels, resizing and all that.

This was WAY easier to upload than my other journal. {Sorry, Live Journal, I might be converting}

Here's to everyday memories

First post...maybe I'll start with what 5 things are going on in my house right now.

I'm awake way too early...but I like it since I get the most work done.
Three cute kids sleeping
One hubby about to wake up {and ask why I've been up so long}
One lamp on, so its soothing
Coffee brewing

Good Morning.
Let's see how this thing works.

Watercolor thank you

Still enjoying the watercolor for card makers class. Since I wasn't able to follow along each day I'm still busy practicing some of...