Overdue Post

For so long I have had to postpone any blogging just due to too much to accomplish at home. I wanted to say overwhelming - but really it isn't. Just that everything you used to do still has to be done + now you work. so suck it up mama and just get back out there. Best thing I did. Stressful, yes, change always starts out a little stressful for me. But for the most part, looking back - I wanted to stop blogging for awhile so I could really figure out what I needed to do with my luv for scrapbooking and stamps. Punches and paper. Sizzix and stickers. ETC. Or, lets face it...figure out a way to help pay for it at least. hee hee.

So much has happened but the biggest change, and the main reason there is not enough time in the day of even formulate a blog post, is of course mommy going back to work after being a SAHM for almost eight years (august 2000 - may 2008). Stressful was the way there was this 8 year "gap" in my resume section for "professional experience" and how that would look to a potential employer.

Fast forward a bit -- it all worked out wonderfully. I found a part-time job that fits with a slightly loopy family schedule, gets me out of the house, brings in some much needed income (though nowhere near where I was professionally, sigh.) and gets me in the mood for creating (though, that time also is at a premium) The children (now 9, 8, and 4) are relaxing in their new routine, we have been able to finally tackle potty training and pre-K has begun with a great start.

So where does a girl who loves paper and makes her own cards get a cool, flexi, parttime job. A greeting card company of course! I know it sounds real exciting when I write/type that. If only I could say "designing the cards" that would make me all warm & fuzzy inside. I am one of the many card merchandisers for american greetings in my little neck of the woods. Pretty happy about it. I get to see all the new cards, and I've learned to love the displays I get to create in the stores.

Happy to be back in a schedule where blogging fits in again.
Happy to be earning money for the family again.
Just happy to be home on Saturdays and Sundays with the family.
Fall is my most favorite time of year!

good night for now :)

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