oooh, besides taking tons of photos of the kiddies...I also must confess I love photos of food. I made these chocolate covered pretzels today to bring to a friend's picnic. They looked so pretty on my Southern Living at Home platter so......naturally -- had to take the picture. Actually, pictures. Here are the best two.


view from the window

This morning -- about 6:45ish -- I peek out the front window and am greeted by the bright purple iris's newly opened petals. Then I look up and see a duck just sitting in our yard. Combined with the early morning fogginess it was just too much of a "morning has broken...." kind of moment so I had to grab the camera.


A Mother's day

Just had to post quickly...as is the case everyday for the past few weeks I can always count on someone booting me off the computer. This morning I knew that if I didn't just buckle down and go right into the blog, that it would never get done. See, I always think that I'll get to it later in the day, or when the kids are in bed however, something (or someone) always needs attention first. So my poor bloggi I've so neglected you....

Here is a cute picture that came about by accident (which are sometimes the best). I was trying to take a picture of the lilac bush out front -- the flowers smell so good and there are tons of blossoms throughout, I think its a great year for the lilacs -- anyhow, it was windy and so I had to wait in between shots to get it just perfect you know {?} While I was doing this my youngest son was running around in his jammies. Running around me saying "cetch you" , which is his way of saying "lets play catch-you" {where I chase him and say "I'm gonna to catch you."} Bumping my arm and getting his nose in the camera lense. I snapped the picture as he was going around me - with his little legs running as fast as he could -- he turned around with his little sweet handsome grin to see if I was running too. Its a blurry shot of him, some of the lilacs are blurry too but I think it reflects a certain charm. A feeling also of how a mom's day feels at times -- A Blur -- things moving too quickly, activities crammed into short spurts of time, mom being pulled in a million different directions, life happening without waiting for us to catch up.

Catch You - if only we could. If only we could "catch" that moment in time and savor it whenever we needed a little more time. A picture I can savor forever because this moment in time has been "caught" -- but you my sweet little darlings I have to let you guys keeping moving and growing and getting big -- even if I tend to want to keep moments like this frozen in time.

Happy Mother's Day.

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