a fun friday

today's choice of colors.

hope I can get some cards done today.
this combination of colors was grouped together by
my little artsy daughter.

She makes me so proud - in that proud artsy momma kind of way. She painted the lizard picture for her big brother's birthday -- he loves lizards. I just that was so cool and cute. They fight over everything else, but pokemon and lizards keep them happy. Go figure. She even wrote a little notecard that goes along with the painting. Little 1st grade girly notes from a little sister to a big brother. I'm keeping that one for the scrapbook.

[green lizard climbing a tree, by squeaky, age 7]


kittiekatz95 said…
You know I still call my Mimi "Squeaks" for short - ever since that wonderful day 7 (!?!) years ago!
I love the painting! Talented just like Mom....

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