What makes you feel connected?

I was looking at the Lake Ontario Photos I posted a few days ago {I know they are not my most brilliant, and the "from the car shots" well, what can I say, I was feeling goofy!} So I was thinking -- gee that clear horizon is something really inspiring to look at.

In a way that makes you stop and think : Look at that awesomeness God created, look at your surroundings and the big wide world, we are all connected in all kinds of ways. That kind of thinking.

Then I thought : Hey, Toronto is right over that horizon! Just keep looking, closer, closer, see it? Just kidding, you can't from those photos. But I do. So I want to give a big wave and hugs to my cousins over there.....hi guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Miss you.

Being around nature helps me think and provides the quietness I need to do so.


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