sunday random thoughts

i thought it was a good idea to let the blog writing just flow, and just concentrate on that for a while. now i see that maybe i've been neglecting all those cool little do-dads there on the right side. new features they say. when i switched the blogs over to the new google, things shifted and when i made changes to one blog, it universally applied changes to my other blog -- the one with the kids artwork... {not much there yet.} i have to figure the new features out. i remember writing alot along the side for the profile. it changed a few times while i got comfortable with blogger. so many more options than livejournal had. but when i tweaked the kidart one, this one was left with "...we all love to doodle..." ?? uh, well that's not all of it. ok well. more tweaking later i guess.

i thought it was a good idea to sign-up for the AC Moore email coupon. oh! yes it is. but now I'm there every week. with my coupon in hand. my local store knows me. the other day i was sure i saw the floor tiles in the rubber stamp aisle, directly in front of the Rhonna Farrer stamps, showing a bit of wear, did I do that? hmm.

$1.00 at AC Moore...a 4x6 album --- it has a soft, soft smooth cover, almost feels like suede, magnetic closure, could be just the perfect size for a little valentine scrapbook. ...channeling donna downey.


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