This will be the first post of the new year! Happy New Year!

And to begin...why these two pictures are so precious to me in this moment.

I normally don't make resolutions like "lose weight" and "eat healthier", though I should,but this year there are few things that I would like to stick to. One of them is the defeat of the clutter monster that has taken up residency in our house. I actually started this process at the end of last summer and little by little boxes get carted out, clothese get packed up and donated, so I know I can do it. But I still have such a hard time parting with some stuff. Even though I know if I haven't used it in like a gazillion years its time for it to go. Its still not in my nature to just chuck it. The challenge here, every year, is that I have to make room for all the "new" stuff from the holidays and after christmas is the time to purge. Right? oooh, so many other things I'd rather be doing. But it will get done.

The night of new year's eve I really had a wonderful thought to post -- but family life and the seemingly round the clock calls for "mommy" interferred. We have been used to staying at home with the kids and watching movies and just having fun until they crash around 10:30 or so. Naturally the "baby" who is now 3, so maybe not so much a baby anymore, sees big sibs wrestling on the couch at 11pm and he has no desire to go to sleep. Okay so the excitment of staying up waay past bedtime was there and then -- fireworks --- "but mom, its not July 4th?"

Since they have always crashed before midnight this was the first year they were up to watch -- we can see the local fireworks from our living room window {or out in the yard, but it was wet}-- it was darling to watch the three little bobbing heads looking up at the sky from the windows. Everyone was up past midnight, my husband and I realized that the years of settling down to a grown-up movie and a few hours of quiet time leading up to champagne & midnight snuggling might be over, for a while, until they hit the teen years and want to go out with their friends {sob. I'll deal with that when it gets here.}

I'll just enjoy 2007 for now. one year at a time. one day at a time. :)


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