the pink peony study

Once in while I get the perfect flower, with the perfect lighting, at the perfect time {aka: junior napping} The peony is one of my favorites. This baby was on my widowsill this morning just waiting to be photographed. I love the pinks. So many different shades too take in. One of my favorite delicate colors. I took a tad too many pics, ahem, so I named it the "study." In any case, whatever angle this flower is photographed, whatever color, it is just beautiful.

I usually don't listen to any music while writing, today I happened to have a Chris Botti cd {when I fall in love} laying on the desk so I popped it in. My mom let me borrow it. The trumpet is her favorite. My dad played trumpet in a band when he was younger so I think she gets to relive those early years of falling in love with "her" musician. This is beautifully, relaxing music. It seems to match the quiet, unfurling of the petals just right. As I sift through 30+ images on my computer I try to pick "favorites" for easier sorting later. Next to impossible.


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