lysol to the rescue

probably the worst time of day to type in a blog...hungry kids, no plan for dinner, a list of demands for DS games, websites he wants to order from, {but you don't have a credit card sweetie, you're 7. but you do mom. oh. well.} if ever there was a time that a mommy just wanted to {needed to} lock herself in a room to just type or write or scrapbook her little heart away it would be today. now. just look at those starving faces.

this has been the week from the bad place. one week ago last night was when middle daughter started infecting the rest of us with some sort of stomach bug. whatever it is spreads like wildfire. nausea, vomiting, the runs, headaches, stomach cramps, everything nicely packaged up together that lasts approx. 48 hrs. ever try to explain to a two-year old that throwing up is okay - not to cry hysterically, or hyperventilate and make it ten times worse? yeaaah.

yesterday I washed every single bedsheet in the house, washed surfaces with bleach and water and sent sweet hubby to buy Lysol disinfectant spray. he askes what kind? what scent?. i say--the kind that kills, you know like 99.9% of whatever is f**king breeding here. bathrooms were sanitized. i was like a fiend with the lysol spray. summer breeze is my new favorite smell. every doorknob got blasted, every pillow, every- thing. nothing was left unsprayed. i was a monster. i never cleaned like that. i was exhausted. it was germ phobia to its highest extent. it was like was a neat person must go through in their mind when they enter messy places. the freaky neat lady on desperate housewives. the kind of neurosis i never knew i could channel in myself.

today is much better.

i watched shrek 2 with the kids and had a lot of laughs - left the dishes in the sink - - love when the characters get busted coming out of the forest -- ala "cops" and puss-in-boots gets caught with the catnip and says "its not mine"


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