My Time v.s. Morning Chaos

not sure what set me off today.......up since 5:30am and feel like I haven't accomplished much and now the kids are up and arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh! I feel like screaming.

list of possibilities:

was it hubby waking a 6am {totally breaking my morning mojo of logging into the blog} to say he wanted to go for a bike ride "early"; however at 7:40 he was still here, all the bills laid out on the table. Checkbook open. Calculater out. I comment that Saturday morning shouldn't be for checking bills. Bills we can't pay all at once. Bills that give us both grey hairs and make us worry for the future.

then he logs me off the computer. now he's asking for it.

his shorts were gone...that's right, gone. oh dear, being washed, how inconvenient.

Then his leaving coincides with the children waking.
"I'll be gone an hour" I believe were the parting words.

From now on I'll be washing all your shorts and underwear with extra heavy duty laundry soap laced with something so as to give you a nice rash on your butt, I believe those were my parting thoughts.

or perhaps one child waking at 6:45am - on a Saturday! This is the child that NEVER wants to wake up during the school week. Nice.


or was it finding out that all the dishwasher soap was out, with a machine full of sinky dishes, all the sliced bread gone too. so no toast this morning. no toast?

enough to send me over the edge right there.

was it noticing that the cleaning fairy didn't happen to arrive. Shoes tossed all across the front entry. Toys everywhere. Polly Pocket parts in places they shouldn't be.

Then the realization that I had too much cleaning up to pack into one morning. One morning that was already going downhill fast.

perhaps, but wait...

the baby yelling out "MOMMY" at the top of his lil'lungs until I could get him from his crib. {cause I was in the bathroom, just a little time is all I ask......} I think the older two were trying to get him out of his crib by using various devices for climbing. None successful, thank God. And all dangerous from my inspection when I did go there. a little plastic chair, on top of the my little pony stool, pushed up against the side of the crib. oh and some books for "balance" ???

was it the "make me breakfast" command from child #2 as she waltzed into the kitchen at 7:45
nope - I get that every morning, I redirect and ask for them to ask nicely, that usually helps.

there was alot of grumpiness for a little while, alot of yelling, crying, then magically...

little ones were fed, diapers were changed, laundry was put in dryer, children were dressed for the day. I got my blogging done.

Hubby comes home. 8:45am

"How's everything?"

I look up from this post and say. "Good." and let that be the end of it.

I realize that just like me being in a foul mood because my Saturday morning routine was messed up, he would have been in a more foul mood If I had asked him not to go on the bike ride. And truthfully, he is not that calm during the Saturday morning rush of children demands.
So it worked out for both of us.

but I have to get out that after he came home he did his situps, ate his breakfast and then asked when I would be done with the computer. hmm.







"my time"

I love when a title just pops out at you while typing.

So on to tackle the rest of the insurmountable chores around here. Chances are, even if two get done and crossed of the mental list. I'll be happy. Because its about having a good Saturday. I'm trying.

but I'm sure there is going to be another me v.s. him moment in the very near future since in the distance I hear the TV turned to a channel that is "exploring" the myths of the loch ness monter and crop circles. He is totally not going to watch TV is he? Can't think of anything else that needs to be done?


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