Beginning of summer happiness

In reviewing last post I had to laugh because I was so nit-picky. Luckily for my husband that doesn't happen that often, but I do have my moments.

Every time two weeks or so goes by and I haven't time to come here to update it means too much other stuff is piled up that is getting done. In this case the end of the school year was approaching, award ceremonies, teacher gifts to make, a neighborhood garage sale to get ready for, scrapbooking events to complete, and the beginning of summer happiness for the children {this alone involves a whole list of to-do's so as to keep them busy and keep the learning going} and finally summer camps and play-dates.

"Marshmallows for roasting on the backyard fireplace" read the first item on my shopping list the other day.

So there comes a time after all the hullabullo is over when you finally get a chance to sit back and reclaim your free-time you look around your house and you realize that there are a number of things that got left by the wayside in order to get to the "fun" parts of life. So yesterday I literlly spent hours on laundry alone. But that is finally all organized. The kids were also helpful {this means that they did not interrupt mom as I hauled out load after load from the laundry room, they did not do flips through all the warm clothes just out of the dryer and they actually for a short time at least helped by bringing up their own laundry.} This makes my work so much easier. So happy when they help. I have cookies -n- cream ice cream with waffle bowls waiting as a reward later today.


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