Ditchin' My Chores, and other bad mom things

I've been spending a fair amount of time these last few weeks working on learning software, scrapbooking ideas, getting started as a independent consultant and getting those last minute Easter cards done and thus the lack of time spent on housework shows. Oh, it shows.

This morning my son informed me that "there are no more clean underwear in my drawer!!" {What? Didn't I just buy a brand new pack to make up for me not doing laundry more often??} No really...it couldn't be...I mean I had a good schedule I was keeping up with. Every morning run down, throw a load in. Just a really quick one...then later in the morning {or while junior is napping} run down and dry it. Then quick run the dry clothes up later that night or the next morning. Okay so somewhere between March sometime and now this schedule has fallen apart. Ick. I hate when it gets like this. Now I have to do like 6 loads a day to catch up. And...of course, we are going to Canada this weekend for a family Easter with my relatives. So no choice. No slacking. I have to do the bleep-ity, bleep laundry.

Way too many cluttered up spaces. Name it -- it has clutter around it. I just looked at the bathroom -- that is unnaturally clean & tidy at the moment. But just wait.

I have to stop obsessing about the consultant business and trust that the ideas will come to me. As they always do. Just not when I want sometimes.

I took some quick pictures of the cards I made --- though not downloaded off the camera yet. New camera in bag waiting to be used. Software downloading has to happen first, plus we have sooo many photos on our hard drive. I'm surprised nothing awful has happend to it. Hubby and I have been burning the photos to CDs and DVD (more storage capabilities). Our new camera is 5.0 Mp with 10x zoom (or something like that) It takes really nice photos and now I even have a "portrait" setting which I did not have before. I can really see the difference from what we use now, which is 4.0 Mp with 3x optical zoom. I wanted the 6.1 Mp -- hope we made a wise choice. {:~{

I was a craft fair this weekend and I always gravitate to the paper-crafts {naturally} I found two really talented crafters that just inspired me to go forward with my own ideas. The tastefully simple food party was...welll tastey!



Donna said…
The laundry will get done - it always does! I am amazed at how much you are doing these days Top Cop! Great blog and I have added it to my feeds. Great to hear from you!
Betty Lou said…
Way to go Maria!!! Put you in my Favorite Places (you were always in my favorites places anyway) Hey, where did you get the cute kids to pose for you?

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