Another Busy Week

I can tell its spring (or that spring is almost here in western NY) because there are so many things to get done. The kids calendar at school is full of little day and night-time activities coming up Book fairs, craft fairs, kids art show, parades....Its nice to see people again after the long cold winter. {smirk} People who live in warmer climates probably don't have a clue what I am talking about. Well I'm home all day so I think that's part of the isolated "cabin" fever feeling.

I have scrapbooking parties, tonight is a tastefully simple party at a friends and then a baby shower later in the month. See people just want to go out...its the nice fresh air. gotta be.

The kids art show and {sale} is going to be good, a really good idea -- the profits from any sales go to a local children's hospital. Two of my children were born there and spent the first three weeks of their lives in the NICU. Hard to forget what those nurses and doctors did...even after you get to leave you are so thankful for all they did for your precious little bundle months and years later-- the memories {good and bad} stick with you.

This week I also took the plunge and mailed my application to be an independent consultant for a scrapbook supplies company -- MemoryWorks. I am so excited I can't sleep -- just too many ideas bubbling around up there in the brain. I set up an account and posted a layout online for the first time this week too. I can not sleep when I have this excitement going on. I'm looking forward to this though. Trying to ignore the bundle of nerves stuck inside somewhere.

Today was grandparents day at my children's school and my folks just got a kick out of the kindergarten class singing songs. I volunteered to greet and show people to the refreshments. My sweetie daughter was the "lady with the alligator purse" she got to parade around with a purse mocked up to look like an alligator, she was also the loudest singer, the calendar girl and she was picked to greet the visitors in the cafeteria. She was all bubbly today. Remember those days as a kid when everything just went your way. Everyone around you loved you and cared for you. Things were fun. After she got to ride home on the bus with her grandparents. I never had the chance to do things like this with my grandparents so I'm glad my children have these moments to remember.

I, yes I, Me. I forgot my camera.

Luckily, the forgetful gene skipped my sister and she had hers ready. Our dad worked for Kodak for like ever so we always had a camera. She was always so much more careful with hers though.

Going.....there is a pizza with my name on it ---and now I am being told that there are no socks in her drawer. The mermaid movie is finishing its keeping her busy for now. Looking for socks takes up like 80% of my time ?. Why is this?

note: Layout posted above has papers and elements from site, and simplescrapbooks. com sites. Lots of pretty stuff out there. Many talented designers. Visit these cool sites for inspiration.

Bye for now.


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