Taking a hike with a 2 yr. old and maple sugaring

I just had six minutes of panic because I couldn't remember my username correctly. Newbie.

There has been so much going on around here since last week so no time to update...My son's birthday, of course birthday parties, grandma's over (cleaning house), and a bunch of everyday things that always get in the way of slacking off on the computer. It seems we finish one item on our family to-do list and have just enough time to sit, breathe, go on to the next one.

Our kids had a school field trip at a local nature center for maple sugaring adventures. I got to go along and I brought the 2 year old. That was the adventure. Both my little guys did well. I was very proud of our 1st grader for paying close attention when he needed to - though I think he only remembers that the maple sugar candy was very sweet and that he got to run around with his buddies instead of sitting at their desks. I watched him sit and listen (this is hard for him) to the "what is sap?" introduction. Sort of half proud mamma and half my-kid-did-what?-tense-freak waiting for the arm waving and jumping. He didn't do that. Walking the trail and running around in between activities let him burn off his energy. This kid should be outside for his school day. He always complains that all they do at school is "sit all day." He is my "active" child. The one that is challenging the teacher this year...we have had several discussions about his "high" activity level. Its the same at home. He loves his teacher though and she has always said since the beginning of the school year that he is a pleaser...once he realizes what he has to do (often too far behind the other kids though) he does it. But staying on task is so hard. So we have been working on ways to help him with that. No meds, frankly they scare me, however, I do see how they might help with the hyperactivity.

And that cute 2 year old...once he figured out that walking near mommy was better than the stroller he was okay...two sap buckets into the trail he wanted "down." I knew I couldn't keep him in the stroller, plus it was a beautiful 78 degree day here in Rochester, at the end of March, we were loving it. He became enthralled with all the rocks and sticks that lay at his disposal. Often shouting "Bee-g Wok" whenever we saw one on the way. This was every few feet. Then "STEEEKS" when he saw a stick. Which were everywhere. He broke out into the happy birthday song from blue's clue's and tried to take a nap in the grass while the maple syrup taste testing was going on. Slept the whole 30 minute ride back home. All in all it was a wonderful time and I hope to do it again next year when my kindergartener is in 1st grade.

Nice rustic looking picture of one the sap buckets. The red was the only color out there besides brown, brown-greenish, brown, grayish gray, darker brown and blue sky.

going for now to get the day started...


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