That Dryer Smell

This morning out on the sunny deck I could smell that freshly washed clothes smell. Just below me I could see the puffs from our dryer churning out that floral downey fluffy smell {if "fluffy" had a smell} It was all emcompassing. It had a comforting, relaxing smell that surrounded our entire deck and yard. It meant I finally did some laundry!

and I have the sweetest husband in the he gave me my very late, very thoughtful birthday present, the present I didn't think would happen until later {or never}....Adobe Photoshop! It was just so sweet. I was stunned. No idea how to use it. But I'm going to learn.

kids did homework without asking tonight....hmmm?
baby feel asleep early ... and is still sleeping as of now...
good thing trend, three in a row.

I still haven't packed for our trip. However, I did go shopping for Easter basket goodies...the dollar tree has the cutest things for just a buck...but this week I discovered some good finds at Walmart and Michaels that were around a dollar or under. I am still going to have the kids do their easter egg hunt - except this year it will be in Canada. I bought them both disposable cameras so they could take pictures. And those plastic eggs -- I love filling them up with goodies. Of course I had to check out the craft/scrapbooking supplies. The dollar store has added even more...I love it because my daughter gets into my "good" stuff all the time, now she has her own. Lately she wants to get her hands on my adhesive runner. They have broken two of mine in the last year -- now I guard my new one under lock and key. Today I bought one of her own (for $1) and she wouldn't let her little brother touch it after he started pulling the white tape out. hmm. live and learn. My nice pigment ink pen seems to wander off too so I have to keep that hidden. Where was this thought going.....

I think I was going to say I'd start a new topic called "stupid stuff I bought this week" but actually that is taken -- another website I used to visit used it -- she always had a list going of the stupid things she bought that week. Maybe mine is really "stuff I didn't really need to buy this week." So as a first addition: here it is: I bought more stickers. And a cute mini card. The small-ish cards they sell right near the gift wrap and gift bags. Because. And not going to use it as a card - but as an embellishment for a baby card. Because I needed more of those. Because its cut into the shape of a baby outfit. Because now I think I need a personal die cutting machine.

final thought
I don't post to my livejournal anymore, so now I don't worry about that one. (check) I have a mental note to copy a link to there sometime. Now my yahoo360! picture journal is still fun to have around because I can post a whole album of photos. And when I look at my page here I wish my whole profile didn't show -- it takes up alot of space...not successful so far in having just my name show. okay for now but I have to figure that one out.



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