To Wii a Mii

The big gift on Christmas morning was our Wii { -- because we all enjoy this silly thing called a Wii} Even more fun than playing the Wii games is the fact that you can design your own you...or as it is called a Mii. All the Miis that get created end up all together on one screen where they sort of walk around...looks like they are going up to one another and such. You can go in and "check on them" as my kids like to do. You can create more than one...this is too fun, one for each side of your personality. heehee. So we were a little bored and had a little fun creating new Miis to mingle with our real this getting confusing???

my son: "look ma, your other Mii is laughing"
me: "cute"
my son: "lets change it"...[proceeds to give me all sorts of virtual makeovers, liposuction, botox treatments, disguises, beards, hairstyles, eye transplants, etc]
me: "ooooh, hairstyles, change my about that one?" [pointing to the short cut]
my son: "um, that's just creepy"
me: "huh??"
my son: "you like that hairstyle? well okay then"
me: "why not? she's cute. Name her Mabel"
my son: "really, that's just creepy"

Okay so she really doesn't look like me at all except for the messy hair. but. but. she's my imaginary Mii friend.
I wish I had the freckles.
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Anonymous said…
cute Mii :)) mine looks younger (she does not have a toddler climbing on her or teenagers with attitude! lol)
maria said…
um. oh, just to actual Mii IS much younger looking, This Mabel is my other side of Mii who tries real hard to be stern with the kiddies about playing vid games....but really I just fail miserably and play along with them. heehee! Oh, and no teenagers here yet...whew...I don't know if I am ready for that one. :) maria

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