Storm Clouds in Rochester

For today just cool pics of last Wednesday's very dramatic wind storm -- gusts up to 75mph. Not usually seen around here often -- it sounded like a train coming down the road. Around 5:15am we suddenly heard a huge rumbling sound, things hitting the window screens and the house, etc. Very bad for several areas who lost power and didn't recover it until Friday night. Phone and Cable are still out for a small percentage.

For a brief while {very brief believe me} I felt like someone from one of those storm chasers shows. It was both scary/exciting to be outside during the early hours of the storm. I wasn't out there very long, too many things flying around.....felt like Dorothy. What you can't see is the wind whipping around the other tree branches to the left side of me or how much it was pushing the pine tree over.

Wait........... let's take another look at that last one.....


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