Today's Doodle: #1, #2

#1 Pink Mums from the front yard make a wonderful "real flower" or dandelion stamp:
This was a test to see if they really looked good once stamped. I've seen this technique in many stamp/craft magazines. Not only did the flower's petals image show nicely, but it also reminded me of dandelions. Specifically, a rubber stamp of a dandelion that I have seen on many of my shopping trips. I didn't use paint as some articles suggested, it seemed too gloppy for a smallish flower such as this. I did use just a basic stamp pad [and I just happened to find the black one first, any color would look nice] hand drew the stem but now I think stamping the stem would look better.

#2 'Twas Doodling before Christmas:
Done over the course of many days. While shopping the internet for stamps to use on our Christmas cards this year. I love anything with branches, trees, leaves, wreaths, vines, etc. This one scene from the Basic Grey -- Figgy Pudding line of papers gave me the inspiration. It was so cute...It had a vine or wreath with almost bare branches; the middle of the image looks like a house. I chose to go with a quote behind the stamped image [idea from another site]. It's coming along. Found the perfect wreath stamp through the angel a set named "christmas joy" And one more note: there will be some sort of hand drawn element on the cards this year.

a little messy...I know...fuzzy, sketchy lines and such, but that's how i doodle.

additional note: I will include more of the steps in the next posts. This just shows the "doodle" phase.


Collegegirl101 said…
cute stuff, you have had that for a while, i remember seeing on your desk while i was playing spider solitaire on your computer. i dont know if you have looked at the pics of the concert yet, put their are some sweet ones in there!
luv ya.

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