Make a difference day + autumn days

Today my daughter's girl scout troop is participating in Make a Difference Day by making cards and care packages for our men and women in Iraq. One of the families has a son that is there. Can't wait to see what the girls come up with. Pictures to follow.

So much "fall" going on that I haven't been in the mood, or had time, to make those christmas cards. Enjoying our finally autumn-like weather. There have been too many 80 degree days in late October, nice, the same time I really wanted those chilly days. I guess they will come soon enough.

Cute, Rusty pumpkin lanterns out front.

Thank You cards I made as a gift for our PTA group. I used a download from 2peasinabucket made by one of their digital designers (tia bennett) The school paper look was just so perfect.

Pumpkins painted by my three pumpkins :)

Pumpkin decor in sepia tones. This is right outside our front door.


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