Italian Streets

..Brings back many memories of summer when I was as a teenager visiting Italy with my mom. Although I think this one was taken during the winter Christmas festivities. This is taken in the small town in Italy where my parents and familiy are from. Beginning August 15th the town {as many small and rural towns in Italy and Europe do} begins some annual summer festival -- Le Feste. Many people are on vacation {le vacanze} the whole month of August. Their town in particular sees many visitors during this time. People come from the larger cities to relax in the natural beauty of the surrounding countryside. They begin decorating the streets with lights on wires, suspending them above street level so the whole main street looks like its sorrounded by sparkling little jewels. It's very romantic to take a stroll through these street lights. Maybe because we don't do this here where I live -- but I think its just very pretty. My mom and I were looking up some information online the other day and I showed her this site. I love it when she sees old and new pictures of the town where she grew up. Every detail is remembered and the stories start to flow. Its good to hear them, even if its over and over again, we have to pass these stories down.

photo credit given to these folks.


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