A Funny Thing Happened

On the Way to Blogger tonight.....

But first: There are several things I promised myself I absolutely needed to get done before the kids head back to school so I've not been in the blogging or crafting mood -- but oh so many thoughts running through my head. Still having fun keeping up with the"daily something" challenge from Ali's blog. As long as I keep it simple and it's fun, I do it. When it becomes frightful to open a glue stick -- well then I know its time to move to something else.

So with all I have floating around in my head I thought the word for my life this week {frankly, every week} would have to be Balance. And as I went over to check on the challenge over at OLW I saw that they had picked that very same word for the journaling/scrapbook challenge. Cool.

So here's the, a funny thing happened on the way to blogger, part: a visit to Etsy and the OLW blog were my first stops tonight. I got distracted, as I usually do, and I found this woman's blog. It was nice to see that I wasn't alone in some of my thinking. Thru her blog I landed on one called "delightful blogs" and then another, and another, you know how the story goes. Eventually getting back here to change some stuff around in my own blog. When I realized that I had never done a search on blogger for blogs with similar interests {duh} I just usually find them on my own. So it dawns on me to click on the "Rochester" tag and up come some 995 {or more} bloggers from Rochester. Okay -- I admit to reading the first 3 or 4 pages before I finally saw one that interested me -- so first it was her, then her. And here's the funny thing --- the thing I had been hoping for since last year, No, anxiously waiting for, was there blogging right before my eyes. Had I gone to look for it on purpose I wouldn't have found it - but through a collection of smart, artful blogs there it was. I love that little connection that is felt as soon I begin reading another's blog......


Finally Rochester will have its very own version of the craft revolution -- craftivism --- read all about it here on their site if you are interested. "Second Storie} indie market" will have its very first show in September. I for one am thrilled to have this finally hit Rochester. And I know there are lots of others feeling like this out there too. Very exciting! Not that we don't have our share of wonderful craft fairs all summer and into the fall, but this one will be an extremely cool addition.

Doing the happy dance!

The other funny thing was that on another occasion, months ago, while I was looping through Etsy I discovered one of their vendors that will be featured and just fell in love with her letter pressed invitations and the designs on her postcards. Can we say swoon?

Full circle. How's about that. Start in Rochester, bebop all over the blog-filled internet only to end up back to a Rochester connection. That's cool. As a side note, this is all very "ahhh, moment" for me {I heart Etsy} because I someday hope to actually open a shop on Etsy.


shanna murray said…
see you there!

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