Autumn pictures for today

A Late Afternoon Walk

yesterday was a perfect day for taking a walk at our nearby nature park, Tinker Park and Nature Center. Just the right amount of autumn chill in the air. A 1.2 mile trail, which little guy walked the whole way. {yep, he slept great} I'm always amazed at the quietness that surrounds you while walking the wooded trails when just a few blocks away are several busy roads and housing developments. You just don't hear any of it, just nature. Its an awesome gift to give yourself on a sunny day at the end of a wild week with the kids. We {just little guy and mommy} enjoyed the quiet falling leaves, an occasional squirrel darting across our path and even a tiny waterfall.

{I tried to post pictures twice, some message about a connection not connecting......will try again later} poo.
Okay -- here they are


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