Scrapbook layout for Independent twosomethings

Finally getting around to doing some fun stuff.


One very cute, very stubborn 2 year old

digital kits from

"America", by retrodiva (tracy collins) and "JustCause" Alpha {the letter J} also by Tracy Collins. She is a very talented designer at the digital scrapbooking site.


Wish I could churn these out quicker. I get all absorbed in picking the colors and arranging the photos, then I get all gushy and weepy at the thought of my baby growing up....make me stop {:)} Then the big goofy smile.....then I say "you are sooooooooooooooo {pause}" and he says in his best 2 year old diction "Kewoot!" Then there's a gazillion kisses and tickling and tummy raspberries. Its a wonder I get anything done.


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