how iblog in the middle of the night.

well here I go again. my world of innsomnia.

Its 4:05am. Once, at 2:03am, I was thinking "I need to get to bed"...........but just not tired. At that particular moment I was at signing up for a free account for hosting photos that I found out about through another website, {Screen Shots}, because I was trying to figure out how to get a banner on my blog. That idea came from another blog,, who talks about putting a banner on her blog. I got there from -- following another link, though i can't remember how I found paper-cat, though from her blog I have added several more to my list of favorites. They are both very talented scrappers in my opinion. I love reading blogs of other scrapbookers. There's that commom thread, you know? In looking at my list of "favorites" tonight I notice there is a growing number of blogs I now like to pop into here and there. I know alot {I mean ALOT} of people all over the world blog, but tonight as I was going from creative blog to creative blog I realized it would never end, there would never be a link that said. Okay you've read all the scrapper blogs out there, now go to bed you sleepy girl. then another thought....{besides, you read alot of blogs girl}

what if everyone blogged, and what if we all had time to read each others, how much more we would understand each other, empathize with each other, deal with each other, help each other. Just plain get each other.

{skipping around to other thoughts..}
I went from one website to another, at some point I forgot why I logged in at 11:30pm. It was already late, I was kinda tired, but the pull of checking my email and signing into the forums and galleries of my favorite scrapbook sites was just too stong.

{here i go skipping again.}
Tried the banner thing but didn't get anywhere. Decided to go back to my photo editing software to gussy up my photo that I wanted to use. Ended up spending all my blogging time doing a layout, and it came together slowly but I like it. Now my legs are stuck in the sitting position. My hips are hurting and stiff. Its time to get to bed?? um. don't know if I should at this point. Yeah I probably will. 3 hours is better than none. maybe. At this point should i say Its too late? Its early just sounds wrong, yet right, so it automatically sounds wrong.

The typos in here before I cleaned it up were horrendous. Don't drive if your sleepy, and don't blog either.


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