What Happens Right Before the Family Trip?

Quick. Answers please.

I'll wait.

Nope none of those -- the results have been tabulated and the survey says....

Nose Blowing.
Using more kleenex than can fit inside those cute little pocket packets you can buy.

So I had to post this pic because its what's in my house now. While I was cleaning up the kitchen last night I saw all these lined up it was just too funny. One different medicine for each person, extra strength for mom and dad.

The extra strength stuff is for me and my husband to help curb the headaches from the frequent whining and complaining. We're not sick.....yet.

Three hours in the car tomorrow....do they sell extra extra extra strength? But I bet I can buy really good drugs (as in "cold medicine") in Canada!


Minna said…
OT: Thank you very much for your comments. They really made me feel better.

Hope you have a great vacation!

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