Back Home

Ahhh! Back home.....yet it feels like I'm still on vacation. My brain, that is. We returned home Tuesday evening and even though I wanted to journal about a list of interesting things I could not form any cohesive thoughts on any subject. The unpacking is always a bore for me. It just reminds me that our time off has ended and its back to the everyday grind. Plus, we left so many little things laying around our house in our rush to leave that I had to clean up so I could "clean up." Not always fun.

We came home to such wonderful weather and while we were away so many of the trees around here have started to bud their little green leaves. What a difference five days makes.

And mother nature's choice of colors......(also my fav) are so crisp and fresh. Good reminders that spring is really here. I love the blue and the green together. That tree did not have all those green leaves when we left on Friday.

The cloud picture was taken last week, it was a HUGE cloud {the picture doesn't even do it justice}, after a rain storm. It was moving fast and in the time it took for me to run in and grab the camera the formation changed quickly, but its still awesome. This cloud had a 3-D effect going on. Placing itself right above our house, it was {seemingly} so close, like you could just climb up the roof and touch it.

Yesterday was spent doing all those everyday chores we have to do. Plus some grocery shopping. A trip to Wal-Mart and the Dollar Store however induced some euphoria into our day and so we can add to the "list of things I didn't need to buy this week." {But they are so darn cute!}

Here's some point I will have to fess up to my love of flip-flops...but for now you just have to take my word for it, I really, really, {really} needed another pair. Really.

I'm wearing them right now. I am soooo glamorous at 7:31 in the am.

Off for the day....bye.


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