"Stop" Layout

This is my "Stop" page for Challenge #2, over at "one little word"

So, all of the elements came together quickly after I found this one picture. Rockstar, concert, music, etc. There's even a subtle guitar shape thingie happening with the curves, but this was unintentional. {But I do keep tweeking the title. I definitely broke my no tweeking rule. I'm bad with titles.} I had wanted to place the little bird right on the guitar, I decided a little off the photo was better. But it's because of, I have to admit, I always loved the little birdie at the start of the Partridge Family TV show, I'm sure she was on a guitar. Maybe not, but that's what I remember - that cute bird graphic on the screen. sing it with me ...... come on get happy:)
{it is friday after all}

But back to story....This one I have been wanting to celebrate since last summer. I could have used the journaling for my stack of other "I love you - you are my wonderful kid-this is what I want to tell you" pictures.

But this one was the one I went with -
This garage-sale guitar
the guitar with missing strings,
it kept her so busy imagining,
singing, playing,
so happy writing her own songs.
Taking the guitar with her
anywhere and everywhere
when we would let her.
The phase didn't last though
we still have the guitar,
and I can hear her "play" it every now and then,
when she thinks no one is listening.

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how about for a title "stop growing up so darn fast lil'girl"
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a mess but....

...a coordinated mess. I was able to find just the right shades of paper. well, god willing, it will be put together later today for the "stop" word challenge.

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The Next "One Little Word" challenge

from that fabulous blog of the same name, is to use the word "Stop" as a starting point. I mulled it over a bit. Tossed the word around my head awhile. Then decided it was spilling out all over my thoughts. So yesterday I just had to sit to wrote it all down on paper before I forgot it all [cause I couldn't get to my pc]. A good feeling to complete some freeflowing, brainstorming type journaling.

here, the brainstorming part:

{not sure yet what part will actually be used in a layout}

next journal challenge is the word "stop" over at OLW
what do i wish would stop?
what stops me?
who stops me?
what does stop mean?
when do I need to stop?
stop and smell the roses
stop and think
stop wasting time
stop stress
stop bad habits
stop letting the weeds overtake the flowers

what needs stopping in our world?
child abuse
drunk driving
junk mail
{oh my gosh this list could go on and on}

Redirecting ---------

Stop is usually a good thing if your stopping something or someone that is not producing or giving you what you want or need. {but given in this manner it has a negative vibe}

But stopping to enjoy something has a positive connotation.
Stopping to relive memories
Stopping to take in a beautiful scene or sunset
Making time to stop during the stressful times, times when you need a moment to refocus on what's important.

Stop spreading hate, negativity and gossip because by not doing so you're stopping love.

Stop time so you can enjoy the moment more

{ooooh, if I had but one stop time, or go back in time}

Yes, like in a photograph. Let the moment live on forever.
We take photos so we can capture the moment. Forever stop time for that one moment. Suspend the moment. Re-live it over and over again.
It is our super-power to stop time - in this way - sort of.

Never stop being you
Don't stop growing - learning
Never stop exploring, discovering
Never stop being a kid [inside]
Don't ever stop expressing yourself
Never stop loving or laughing
Never stop amazing me
Never stop creating
Never stop being inspired to create
Never stop loving art and its many directions
Never stop doing what you love
Never stop growing your artistic side
Stop thinking you are not good enough
You really can stop listening to those who tell you otherwise

===there was a few hours pause here===had to catch my breath

I will transcribe the rest later.

the rest of it...

never stop wanting to do crafts with mom
never stop asking me to draw Pokemon with you
never stop chalk drawing on the driveway with me
never stop playing
never stop doodling with me
never stop reading and loving to read

stop fretting over the box top that got away
stop using my credit card
stop saving all that stuff to make stuff with {maybe this one I can't stop all together. hmm.}
stop collecting rubber and acrylic stamps {no. no. not this one}

never stop saying please and thank you
sometimes you will have to stop and say I'm sorry

things its okay not to stop.......................
envisioning good things for the earth
reusing, conservation
reducing waste
reducing fuel consumption
renewing energy sources

never stop celebrating the little things in life
don't stop celebrating the little things in life

all this from just one word. "stop."
what a wonderful site for journaling inspiration!

lil bit about music

I don't really ramble on about my fave music or anything like that, and normally just like to have the music on in the background while I'm doing something else. You know I belt out a few of my favorites when they come on and hope that no one is listening. So today's background music is the TV. Don't know how, little guy must have played with the remote, but we are "watching" vh1's "40 most sensational soft-rock songs"

But he's letting it stay on, which surprises me because if its not a girl with a monkey, a guy with a semi-talking dog or some grown man calling himself a wiggle, it just doesn't get a high approval rating by three year old standards.

Anyway, 70s, 80s and 90s stuff. And the realization that, Oh. my. god. ALL of the top soft-rock 70s and 80s songs are songs I remember .... I mean I was a kid and didn't know what they all really meant but I remember them. But as I got older I guess all we listened to was Top 40 radio. My mom always tells me the story of my first favorite sing-a-long "Angel of the Morning" yeah, I was like 7, are we not talking about a one night stand in that song now that I hear it again? Maybe inappropriate? Fast forward to 2007 -- my lil' future popstar wants to sing along with my Michelle Branch cd. hmm. Could be worse - I guess. Still I'll have to pay attention to that. Might mean mom and dad were not listeners of only geeky "old people"music after all, or maybe because English was not their first language they just didn't get it. [note to self: make sure music my kids are hearing through my choices are okay for their little ears]. hmmm. Last time in the car the kids heard "hell" in a John Mayer song. "uh, Mom, that guy just said the H word" and then my mr. smartypants proceeds to spell it. "You know H-e-l-l." smart ass.

They are almost down to #1, they are on #5 as I type this. The ultimate "Oh MY GOD I remember that song/concert..." moment, said in my waaaaaaaaaaaay too excited voice was
#15 - Journey - Open Arms. Okay I have to say it -- still a cool song. End of my music review. :)

and I don't like the this green after all. going back to white.