"Stop" Layout

This is my "Stop" page for Challenge #2, over at "one little word"

So, all of the elements came together quickly after I found this one picture. Rockstar, concert, music, etc. There's even a subtle guitar shape thingie happening with the curves, but this was unintentional. {But I do keep tweeking the title. I definitely broke my no tweeking rule. I'm bad with titles.} I had wanted to place the little bird right on the guitar, I decided a little off the photo was better. But it's because of, I have to admit, I always loved the little birdie at the start of the Partridge Family TV show, I'm sure she was on a guitar. Maybe not, but that's what I remember - that cute bird graphic on the screen. sing it with me ...... come on get happy:)
{it is friday after all}

But back to story....This one I have been wanting to celebrate since last summer. I could have used the journaling for my stack of other "I love you - you are my wonderful kid-this is what I want to tell you" pictures.

But this one was the one I went with -
This garage-sale guitar
the guitar with missing strings,
it kept her so busy imagining,
singing, playing,
so happy writing her own songs.
Taking the guitar with her
anywhere and everywhere
when we would let her.
The phase didn't last though
we still have the guitar,
and I can hear her "play" it every now and then,
when she thinks no one is listening.

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jillconyers said…
Love your layout and all of the details are perfect!
Lynn said…
This is a gorgeous layout!

one little word

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