lil bit about music

I don't really ramble on about my fave music or anything like that, and normally just like to have the music on in the background while I'm doing something else. You know I belt out a few of my favorites when they come on and hope that no one is listening. So today's background music is the TV. Don't know how, little guy must have played with the remote, but we are "watching" vh1's "40 most sensational soft-rock songs"

But he's letting it stay on, which surprises me because if its not a girl with a monkey, a guy with a semi-talking dog or some grown man calling himself a wiggle, it just doesn't get a high approval rating by three year old standards.

Anyway, 70s, 80s and 90s stuff. And the realization that, Oh. my. god. ALL of the top soft-rock 70s and 80s songs are songs I remember .... I mean I was a kid and didn't know what they all really meant but I remember them. But as I got older I guess all we listened to was Top 40 radio. My mom always tells me the story of my first favorite sing-a-long "Angel of the Morning" yeah, I was like 7, are we not talking about a one night stand in that song now that I hear it again? Maybe inappropriate? Fast forward to 2007 -- my lil' future popstar wants to sing along with my Michelle Branch cd. hmm. Could be worse - I guess. Still I'll have to pay attention to that. Might mean mom and dad were not listeners of only geeky "old people"music after all, or maybe because English was not their first language they just didn't get it. [note to self: make sure music my kids are hearing through my choices are okay for their little ears]. hmmm. Last time in the car the kids heard "hell" in a John Mayer song. "uh, Mom, that guy just said the H word" and then my mr. smartypants proceeds to spell it. "You know H-e-l-l." smart ass.

They are almost down to #1, they are on #5 as I type this. The ultimate "Oh MY GOD I remember that song/concert..." moment, said in my waaaaaaaaaaaay too excited voice was
#15 - Journey - Open Arms. Okay I have to say it -- still a cool song. End of my music review. :)

and I don't like the this green after all. going back to white.


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