I've been participating in an online class this week, Watercolor for Card Makers. It's run by Online Card Classes. An amazing class! There is something inspiring and very doable each day. Even though I am not able to keep up daily, I don't feel behind. Very encouraging, easy to do techniques.....just need to practice, practice.

So far just playing around with my supplies. I think I have been hoarding um, collecting, watercolor supplies for a while.....judging from the cool finds I discovered while shopping my stash. Like an unopened watercolor "stack"of 14 colors just waiting to be used. I don't even remember buying it, guessing 2009. And of course finding new ways to use some of my current stamps, ink pads, die cuts and stencils. Also, learning the best way to use the brushes and the correct type of brush for the look you want to achieve. All this is new to me, yet I have always loved watercolors, just too intimidated by it.

I jumped right in during day 6 or 7 and really need to go back to the start with some of the basic stuff like backgrounds, but trying out the techniques and supplies I've never worked with is part of the learning.

There is one fun technique where you lightly splatter the watercolors into a freehand shape.....intimidating right? Too Advanced for a newbie you say? Nope. The instructors are excellent at explaining and demonstrating the technique. Man, I couldn't wait to try it even though it's further along in the class assignments than I am. Such a beautiful end product. My first attempt....

Ok, so I'll keep working on it, maybe turn it into a card, maybe not. But I loved experimenting with it.

But those splatters though.

I just love that free form look!

I do want to post something in the class gallery....which is how I ended up coming back to my blog. So better get to work. Geez, now I realize I've missed blogging :)

Thanks for stopping by.


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