Voter: " #371"

That's what the volunteer in my district said after I signed in and I went over to stand in line to cast my vote. I stood there taking it all in. I considered it one of the most memorable and significant election days ever. We made sure the kids were part of it too.

Yes, Tuesday was a very exciting day....regardless of whether your candidate won or not. Volunteered at the bake sale/fund raiser for our youngest child's school, helped early morning voters get their sugar and caffeine intake so they could stand in the long line. Went to work in the afternoon to take down old cards and put up the Christmas and Holiday cards. Ironically, I also had to take down all the "summer" cards which included the "Politics '08" line. I can't say I was sad to see them go. But a few were LOL worthy.

We as a family ended up going out to cast our vote around 5:45pm that night. We took the older kids with us. In the back of the car both of them were figuring out how many years it would be until they could vote. And who they would vote for. Nine more years buddy. Ten more little lady. They did get to participate in voting at school which made them even more excited to see the real thing. Our daughter asked if she could go in with me, they allowed it (I was surprised), but of course she was not allowed to touch anything. However, she did blurt out in a loud-ish whisper, "You're voting for Obama Mommy?" "shhhh, yes dear." We were a house divided though.

How great it was to see them, still so young, so excited to be part of something.

{Halloween pic: our little bumble bee running through the Seneca Park Zoo wooded area}

Fall is almost done dropping its beautiful autumn color here, get out and enjoy it. About 70 degrees here today, but rain projected for the weekend (that's so rochester!)


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