April Page

"U Play"

Fall Day pictures. With the April Page Challenge papers from local scrapbook store.

Drawing from the colors of the solid paper and the stripes I went with these late fall pictures of the kids that I like so much. I wasn't really finished with the page here -- I was moving the chipboard "U" around and various little cut up words -- and I decided to look at it from a different angle. I turned in the finished page last week but never took a picture of it....so here it is almost finished. It doesn't show the journaling which was done on a strip of paper, labeled with a file tab and then tucked behind the photo collage at the top left corner.

I might have mentioned this before - but I thought picking up papers that someone else had chosen was going to be difficult but instead the opposite happened -- it simplified the process {for me} by removing the overwhelming "hmm, which papers go with these?" I found that it makes you stretch your creative thinking until you use all the pieces of the set. I might not have paired the textured blue with the stripes and orange -- but I learned to go with it and I liked the color combo after all. All in all very fun to work with.

These papers are from the April Page Challenge at one of our local scrapbook stores. {The Paper Garden.}
Double-sided paper (stripes/light green) is from Webster's Pages -- all their stuff is so beautiful.
Included were : orange and brown cardstock and textured blue paper {don't know manufacturer} and a large chipboard U
Photo collage was done at home on my Epson printer {only my third try at this -- I see a few mistakes here and there but I still like this one alot. Photo collages with many photos take practice -- I need more practice} I filled in the empty spots in the collage with the patterned papers.
I added the little boxes with the words "play" and "fun" and the date in the photo editing software.

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Collegegirl101 said…
so i c that you came up towards brockport with out telling me. well i think that i may start doing these month page things over the summer to give me some insperation, i have not scrapbooked since the church get toghther. hope you have a good mothers day, look for something in the mail :) Emmylou

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