Knifty Knitter Makes a Card; Loves a new book

Happy 2008!

Just enjoying that "its a brand new year" freshness that comes with every January. I love the start of a new year, the new calendar, the renewed sense of purpose, and the chance to reflect on the end of a year and make goals for the coming one.

I always spend the last week of the year and the first week of January in that kind of reflective mood. Did fun things with the kids, went to our most fav place, Strong National Museum of Play, bought our yearly membership as a family present to ourselves. Can't wait to go again with just the little guy.....he wanted to linger and explore things waaaaay deeply....not bad, just that the other two are like butterflies. They flutter from one exhibit to the next with too much speed for a weary mommy. Its definitely a two adult trip. One takes slow and easy guy and the other takes the speedsters.

Wanted to come update the blog but really was liking the break. Towards the middle of December I remember putting alot of little things off until "later" {until January} And now that January is here....well, I felt a bit overwhelmed and needed to regroup my priorities. Kids were home so we had alot of fun-together time. Made a few cards. Went through the stash of craft supplies and found something I hadn't tried out yet. My mom had given us the "knifty knitter" Flower Loom {by provo craft} in a goodie bag for Halloween so we decided to try it out. I made the flower that is on the card with a little bit of yarn and tada a cute embellishment for a card or scrapbook. Okay, so maybe this loom's been around a while but I thought it was a cute idea I hadn't seen anywhere.

I've also been looking over all the photos from the past year, burning them on cds is the next step -- {they number in the thousands!!! OMG!!)but sadly most of my favorites haven't even made it into an album or anything...gotta work on that. It does start to seem overwhelming but I know it doesn't have to be. So many stories, memories and wishes for the coming that will be one of my creative goals in 2008.

One of the Christmas presents I gave to myself was the latest book by Ali Edwards "Life Artist:scrapbooking life's journey" In it a multitude {its brimming} of motivation and inspiration to get working on my creative goal. It was apparent in the first flip through the pages that I had made a great purchase {always love that feeling}. Almost like she could read the mind of this scrapbook challenged mom of three, saying now-what-do-I-do-with-all-these-pictures? I single out the words "huge project" as I randomly stop at page 135 and read these words {regarding a huge project} "....I reminded myself to stick with the basics and focus on the photos and the story." Yes! That is exactly what I needed to hear. This is by far one of the best creative juices book out there. Again, I'm really pleased with this happy:)

And Because I usually start reading from the back of books and magazines, this means, really, just a few pages in I was already in love with it :)
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