christmas tree craft

Help, little foam trees are overtaking my table.....and naked quirky tree is growing on me. I think he looks good white. He will need to be white of some sort. Entirely too cute. Okay, after quirky tree I'm done. really.

Incidentally, walking through the mall the other day I noticed a lot of shop window displays using big cone shapes, all decorated a little differently. Lerner New York had sequins and the Gadzooks' tree was made with recycled magazine pages slightly rolled up at the ends. A grunge look. I'm thinking that could work with scrapbook paper or pretty wrapping paper.



Collegegirl101 said…
i wanna come and make these with you, looks fun. ill be home most of next week & im going shopping on black friday. r u?? maybe ill come over on friday.
Collegegirl101 said…
another comment from me.... i saw this online and thought of you. check it out!!

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