Wow, Its September Already?

Back from taking a week break from blogging. I would like to have something to post about scrapbooking done lately --I missed the deadline for posting on "Balance" for the one little word challenge but it was still useful to ponder this word and use it as a starting point for a LO. I've been over at flickr to set up an account for the "daily something" and just haven't figured out a username yet {silly I know} I agonize over coming up with a unique name then just end up with my own name on it anyway. what a silly girl :) I do like the flickr site and also the slide site to add more fun stuff to the blog. Still compiling my faves list {there are just so many good ones} I've seen this on many cool, creative blogs but how do you make it fun to read, yet manageable to update and share?

Only thing to share are some pics of the how the"daily something" challenge is progressing -- some days I realized that i have the story but not a picture to go along, so I've just been using the actual object, if I can, and use the stuff that makes it safe to use in scrapbooking {like the Chinese take-out menu} the routine has grown on me, and I don't feel bad about skipping a few days here and there. Although there is a little story everyday that should be shared or written about {before we forget it} -- it doesn't have to be artsy, or even follow the rules {if there be rules these days} of what is commonly known as scrapbooking. I really just love to use photos but the idea of using found objects from the day also seemed fitting. On the front page of the mini album I'm using {a quickly growing out of} I added a little paint to match the similar shade we used in our bathroom just repainted. One of the daily something pages that followed that is of the bathroom being painted so I thought that was a nice tie-in.

Mine has definitely taken a turn to more of an art journal/place to quickly jot down thoughts/exploration of sorts. I realized when I was setting up the pages in garden one day and Chinese takeout night....that I was making it a little too complicated trying to find a matching patterned paper to go along with a theme....that's when I realized its not going to be the patterned paper I reflect upon six months from now - its going to be the story. But of course I was liking the color combo of the red Chinese chopstick packaging and the pale blue together :) that combo is just really pretty. But after that day I made it a little less consuming.


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