Loving Fall {while It lasts}

It's been over a month since my last post -- I'll start with a photo taken this past summer {yea, I'm still in denial that summer is over}

I added a small photo corner flourish -- I've been liking those alot lately on my digital prints and layouts. These are available for download at the scrapartist.com site.

So, I'm freezing my toeses off, we had a brief stint of a nice Indian Summer over the weekend and yesterday. Today is a complete fall-ish kind of day; rain, drizzle, thunder, tons of beautiful leaves plucked early from branches because of the winds. They say "snow" for Friday of this week. Please no. Just one more nice weekend of fall leaves for picture taking pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease.

Alot going on here....kid activities, school night homework, girl scouts, cub scouts, house stuff, hubby back to his night class schedule.

Creativity has been in bloom -- I'm getting alot of some projects done that I kept holding off on "until the kids get into school all day." It has just been a really nice break from the computer. Now, I'm itchin to log on again. I have been having fun learning the new {new to me} manual functions on my digital camera. Sepia tones have been popping up in all my stuff lately. I was asked to do a senior portrait for a friend. She knows I have been learning my camera and so this gives me a chance to practice some more. Also did a photo shoot for a friends little girls. They turned out so cute I might have to frame them and send off as a christmas prezzie.

bye for now.


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