Fun with journaling strips and Blue Princess

You know, I could work on those cards and such all day. Wish I could work like this all day. But a sink full of yucky dishes has been waiting.....

I had a creative bug a few days in a row, loved working on the journaling strips this way, I had never tried it. But have seen it in all the scrapbooking/paper craft magazines, a million places. Always seemed like it might take too long but actually it was fun...its all about how your feeling when you sit down with all the tools and the creative juices start flowing. It also reminds me of the magnetic poetry words. This week I also found out that the company that makes the magnetic poetry also now offers them as rubber stamp sets. Know what my next online purchase is????

We've had a good week, in that its no longer a gazillion degrees out. 30 degrees less than last week is what the weather man said. Wow. 72 feels wonderful.

In the "funny things kids say.." department:

There's this six year old girl here who happens to like to play dress up, who happens to like wearing a blue princess crown this week. Everywhere. This week she wore it to her playdates, our trip to the grocery store, the beach, the soccer picnic and who knows where else...It is blue and sparkley, and glitzy, and glamed up with all things shimmery. The women at the grocery store said "happy birthday honey" {its not her birthday} she says "its not my birthday, I'm blue princess." Oh, okay.

I had heard her proclaim that she was blue princess one day but I didn't know she was going to carry through all week. I would have taken a picture had I know the blue princess was only going to last one week. As is the case today there has been no sign of the blue princess. I must have had something to do with encouraging the color because on Sunday of this week, she was wearing something blue. This shade of blue is hers. She looks so beautiful in it. The browns of her eyes and hair and soft tan of her skin look great matched with it. So I say "Blue is your color sweetie, that looks so good on you." Since then only blue garments are getting the nod. In fact there was a whole separation of blue v.s. other colors in the clothes department this week. Now there is a pile of pink purple yellow and red in her room. These are unapproved blue princess colors. White is okay, I'm told. One day she comes out wearing a {blue} houndstooth pattern skirt with a {of course, blue} striped shirt. Both the same shade of this wonderful robin's egg/turquoisesy blue. She has alot of it already in her stash, I had just never noticed it. I comment that the combo doesn't quite "go" together. She says back {while tossing her hair and walking down the hallway} "Blue princess wears what she wants."

And overheard in the car while sitting next to the youngest....."I'm glad that I have a baby brother like you {news to us} because little sisters can be so naggy." This gets my husband and I to glance quietly at each other, he mouths "write it down" to me. I look behind to the way back row in the mini van at older sibling, big brother, he has a quizzical look peering over the seat. She pretends to be completely oblivious to our jaws dropping and sighs as she looks out the van window.

one word d-r-a-m-a.


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