Could it be any cuter?

We are doing things to get ready for back to school and for our trip out to visit friends in Massachusetts.

Yesterday was mommy and daughter night out {as she called it} We went for haircuts and then some shopping mommy/daughter style. I have to laugh because we are such girls. We came back with:

lip gloss
hair color {for me}
glossy folders with polkadots for school
nail polish
hair shine spray and leave in conditioner {for all those morning snarls}
and a my little pony dvd {at once realizing where this shopping trip was going, I had to put down my "Eight Below" dvd. sigh. cute man in a parka}

so essentially, hair and makeup and a cute girl-flick.

This was the conversation prior to leaving the house for our cuts.

I don't want to get my hair cut, I want long hair!
We are going to get a trim.
what's that? No.
Its where you just cut a little bit to get your style evened out.
I don't want short hair!
You won't have short hair.
Are you getting your hair cut?
I don't want to get short hair!
They only do long hair. They won't cut short hair if you don't want it that way.
They don't do short hair?
Only long?
yes. I am getting my hair medium cut.
you are? okay. But I only want long hair.

It was an exhausting car ride. Flips through a kid-cut magazine only made things more confusing. In all 1.5 inches were cut off making for a happy girl and happy mom.

Mine was a different story -- about 3 or 4 inches cut. Sounds drastic I know but really it had just grown sooo long those three to four inches were really already dead probably. feels better. shoulder length feels different, lighter. I still need to fight the urge to put it back in a pony-tail.

Going to get back to packing the family up, but had to just post one day this week at least.


Who knew getting a rubber stamp set {actually 3!} in the mail could squelsh a stressful evening with the kids. It did. It always helps to get creative and draw/paint/or stamp something. I had no idea what I would be getting as my "free" gift was going to be so mini & cute. It almost got lost in the packaging of tissue paper and bigger sets. I looked at it, and after thinking "wait, this is it?" I followed it with...

"could it be any cuter?"

I'm always surprised that it can get everyone so happy, Art seven year old son gets really into stamping all the shapes and images. I love that he gets into it. Last night it was just him and I. And those times are so nice. If only for a little time, then he's off teasing his sister or building some giga-giagantic lego/starwars/bionicle ship.

so on the back of the invoice we practiced.....he thought they were " little surf boards" {good idea} then I showed him what else it could make..he says "cool"

I love when online companies send you your stuff and there is a handwritten note...."Thanks" they wrote in real ink. I think that's cool. Somewhere in the big wide universe of the internet {Nebraska I think} someone put my mommy-diversion-kit together and wrote thanks. As we enter all our info on websites and message boards and we get so used to the electronic connections, never meeting in person, but feeling like we know each other so well, it is so refreshing to be greeted all of a sudden with a familiar handwritten"thanks!"


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