I Discovered

that a new fragrance can be combined from two very different products in your medicine cabinet and this is what I smell right now. I have to say it is pleasing though, not bad -- has some company invented this smell already?

Okay here is the formula,

1 - 2 swipes of husbands Old Spice Deoderant under each pit and
1 spritz under each arm pit of my Estee Lauder Pleasures Perfume

At first it came across as really perfumey -- like I was trying to cover up a sweaty armpit in the middle of the sticky, humid day{which I was} but as the day wore on it became softer. Sometimes smelling like the old spice and sometimes like floral. I could smell it all night. Then I dressed in the morning and changed shirts. However last night I couldn't find a new t-shirt so I grabbed the first one on the chair {which just happened to be the scented pit shirt} so I could get to the job of getting the boys to bedtime. {Mommy falls asleep first sometimes. Sometimes on the floor next to your beds.} I woke at a strange time in the middle of the night and and headed for the bathroom. What's that cool scent? Oh, yeh, its me. So after 24 hours the combo old spice/pleasures has fully uh, melded, and there is a really clean, fresh, outdoorsy, musk scent. Now, there's the problem of duplicating this scent after I take my shower this morning. Will it work a second time? Should I just keep wearing the t-shirt? {kidding}

added journaling 7/13 ; hope whoever reads this can guess that I was being goofy. I do like to use real deo and plus I couldn't duplicate the fragrance....so that means my chemistry career is over anyway.


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