My extra hour of "daylight"

My Extra Hour

Though I'm sure some will disagree with me -- I really hate it when we have to switch the clocks -- it leaves me and my circadian rhythms totally out of whack. Yesterday I felt really disorganized, everything was happening earlier than usual -- which of course felt like I had more time to do stuff. But then everyone in the house was turning cranky on me -- oh, that's right it's about time for lunch -- but wait, no -- oh heck fine lets do lunch. Then last night we get home from the parents house after a nice big Sunday dinner -Italian Style- and it was only quarter to six -- wow I actually had time to finish cleaning the kitchen and read, and spend time with the kids, and get everyone's jammies on {without rushing and yelling about}. And it was nice that the kids were playing nice, not arguing over who gets to play with whatever next. They were actually calm and restful and snuggley on our big bed and when it was time to hit the sack everyone agreed. Wow, I could get used to this I thought. Then I remembered, it wasn't really 9pm!! -- it was 10 pm {old time}!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I actually put them to bed waaaaaaaaaaaaaay late. great. Nice goin' mamaslack. NO wonder no ones waking up. Damn, daylight savings time.

I Question What the Heck Where Saving Here

The calendar says "daylight savings time ends" so does this mean we are back on "regular" time now? In the spring it's just as annoying. Wait--- why are we saving the daylight???? If in the fall we get that extra hour, then I guess it sounds good, in theory, but then don't we give it up in the spring? So it cancels itself out?? Why did someone think an hour of a mom's time could be so foolishly tossed up in the air for random swapping??? who???

my extra hour -- I guess I did more with the kids and photographed more pretty autumn leaves. Two things that make me pretty darn happy.


Autumn pictures for today

A Late Afternoon Walk

yesterday was a perfect day for taking a walk at our nearby nature park, Tinker Park and Nature Center. Just the right amount of autumn chill in the air. A 1.2 mile trail, which little guy walked the whole way. {yep, he slept great} I'm always amazed at the quietness that surrounds you while walking the wooded trails when just a few blocks away are several busy roads and housing developments. You just don't hear any of it, just nature. Its an awesome gift to give yourself on a sunny day at the end of a wild week with the kids. We {just little guy and mommy} enjoyed the quiet falling leaves, an occasional squirrel darting across our path and even a tiny waterfall.

{I tried to post pictures twice, some message about a connection not connecting......will try again later} poo.
Okay -- here they are


First Snow - Upstate NY

So the weather folks were right this time. We actually had a light dusting of snow soon after midnight. It's slowly melting now, and very sunny, so everything is glistening and glossy, but this is what the back deck looked like at sunrise.

Earliest snow in Upstate NY I think they said. I usually happily anticipate the first snow {like in November, around Thanksgiving} but this is a bit too early in the season for me....


Loving Fall {while It lasts}

It's been over a month since my last post -- I'll start with a photo taken this past summer {yea, I'm still in denial that summer is over}

I added a small photo corner flourish -- I've been liking those alot lately on my digital prints and layouts. These are available for download at the site.

So, I'm freezing my toeses off, we had a brief stint of a nice Indian Summer over the weekend and yesterday. Today is a complete fall-ish kind of day; rain, drizzle, thunder, tons of beautiful leaves plucked early from branches because of the winds. They say "snow" for Friday of this week. Please no. Just one more nice weekend of fall leaves for picture taking pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease.

Alot going on here....kid activities, school night homework, girl scouts, cub scouts, house stuff, hubby back to his night class schedule.

Creativity has been in bloom -- I'm getting alot of some projects done that I kept holding off on "until the kids get into school all day." It has just been a really nice break from the computer. Now, I'm itchin to log on again. I have been having fun learning the new {new to me} manual functions on my digital camera. Sepia tones have been popping up in all my stuff lately. I was asked to do a senior portrait for a friend. She knows I have been learning my camera and so this gives me a chance to practice some more. Also did a photo shoot for a friends little girls. They turned out so cute I might have to frame them and send off as a christmas prezzie.

bye for now.